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The Society welcomes Gifts in Kind as well as donations made to the Egyptian Autistic Society at the Commercial International Bank (CIB) branch in New Maadi (at the Maadi Grand Mall). The Account number is: 100008901605 A receipt in the amount donated is provided by the EAS.

The Society extends its services to all sectors of the society.

Donors and Donor Organizations: The Society relies on donors and donor organizations as a main source of funding. We need them to provide the Society with financial support to enable it to maintain and further its services. We need them to contribute to increasing awareness about Autism through helping in the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and the printing of our newsletter and brochures.

Subsidization programmes. The Egyptian autistic society accepts donations to subsidize families who cannot afford services for their autistic children. Donations may come from indiviuals, companies and fund raising activities.

Growing. Being the only society in Egypt which only caters for children with Autism, the Egyptian Autistic society is in need of larger premises. The society currently has over 80 members and the numbers are growing daily as awareness increases. However, our premises can only cater for 15-20 children on a daily basis. Donations will be used to help us move to a larger place for the contiunation of this much needed service.

Parents: Parents in developed countries have played the vital role of fighting for their children's rights. They have pushed for laws that enable the provision of necessary services for their children. Parents need to address this issue and make those responsible for implementing changes at that level aware of the needs of children with Autism and of the lack of special provision available for them.

The Media: Autism is not contagious! We believe that people fear the unknown. We believe that understanding leads to acceptance. We need the media to aid us in promoting tolerance and understanding of Autism. With a clear explanation of what Autism is and a focus on increasing awareness, individuals with Autism will be better integrated in the society.

The Society's services address the deficits faced by individuals with Autism to the extent most possible.

If you would like to be further informed about the Society or have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Any form of support is highly appreciated and will take the Society a step forward towards achieving its goals.

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